Accounting and Professional Services

Our Firm is committed to engagement of the most qualified personnel in the provision of services to our growing clients’ base. Therefore we pride ourselves in the engagement of licensed professionals that can adequately handle, under agreed conditions, such services such as:

  • Financial and insurance advisory services
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Business Systems and Business improvement
  • Economic Advisory
  • Global Business Tax Advisory
  • Corporate, Small Business and Personal Taxation
  • Incorporation of businesses
  • GST/HST filing
  • Bookkeeping services for sole proprietorship and corporations
  • Accounting support and business solutions
  • Payroll preparation

In the development of a viable capital structure, it is a necessary appendage to have a robust and dynamic financial and insurance advisory service that helps the client navigate the various range of offers from fiduciary institutions that would enable sound money decisions whether it is with credit-card companies, banks, mortgage institutions, insurance companies, stock brokerage companies or real estate venture capitalists, our Firm has an assemblage of seasoned professionals that would support the business proposal and ensure proper management of the client’s cash activities towards the set goals.

 Our Business Analysis team strives to ensure sense of the data generated by a client from all its business activities and support in the processing, recording, management and interpretation of the information to enable the business owner measure the business performance over an agreed period. Also there is the generic support towards the business in dissecting the challenges being confronted by the client whether it surrounds software issues, sustainability curves, organizational change or policy development.

In the present day, time is essentially a limiting denominator. However, with our project management expertise, we demystify the conundrums surrounding conception and initiation of the business to its execution as well as the achievement of the success criteria set for the business operations. Such extenuating factors whether economic or organic are considered at the pain-storm stage of the business and drawn from the business proposal to enable the client to have a clear sense of the gestation period for growth or change. Our firm has top industry’s standard project management tools that cover all the knowledge areas especially:

  • Project integration management
  • Project scope management
  • Project time management
  • Project cost management
  • Project quality management
  • Project human resources management
  • Project communications management
  • Project risk management

It is inevitable that extant businesses will have needs surrounding analyzing its business systems and where it arises, funding business improvements. This is a peculiar area of any business as it requires a tacit understanding of how a business system should operate and how to eradicate redundancies. Our firm’s objective is to x-ray the business from inception and provide concrete steps that would assist the business owner achieve is original goal within the shortest space and time

Our ancillary services include providing economic and global tax advisory services to the client and/or province to expand the target market of the business owner as well as expose the wide range of Canadian commodities to the global marketplace. This often will require cross-border tax services which our firm will ensure are complied with and meet set requirements.