Digital Transformation

Our bouquet of services herein covers web development, IT application solutions, mobile application development, digital strategy and marketing automation.

With over 83% of the world’s businesses from developed countries on the internet, it is our firm’s strategic focus to migrate all our clients to web but with distinct designs and identification to make the client stand-out amongst others as well as satisfy the client’s internal customers.

The web development extrapolates the customer’s designed business plan and arranges the content in a simple readable text on the internet. This service would include an intranet and a plug-in to social services agreed with the client. Our unique web development team would ensure that the configuration of the web ‘goes live’ with the business launch date of the client with the necessary network security amidst other tasks.

All IT application solutions that our firm provides go hand-in-hand with the web development but we stand to provide professional assessment on the nature of software packages that would essentially drive and provide the available marketplaces for the client as well as protect the client’s information without commensurate spike in the company’s cost profile. Such ITSM or IT Service Management tools can manage and handle all internal requests, services inventory and problem management.

Our mobile application development team can revolutionize an existing business or start-up drawing from an already detailed and prepared business proposal. Equally important is the nature of device available in the client’s marketplace so that distinct software is developed for optimal performance. Our goal is to achieve 75% of the client’s customer target using the company’s mobile map before the expiration of the roadmap.

Under our firm’s digital strategy objective, we employ the highest industry’s standard in addressing our client’s existing or start-up business challenges with technological answers where none exist or reinventing the corporate products and/or services of the client to improve its performance following a detailed business proposal. This would enable periodic performance assessment under the agreed conditions with the client.

Quite a novel addition to our array of services is the development of marketing automation platforms to enable the firm as well as the client measure the effectiveness of various business strategies employed by the team. This enables the client to accurately follow the growth rate of the business and the overall business performance.

Our IT team forms an integral part of our business offshoot personnel to drive our business innovation as well as champion the new grounds that the firm has set for the next decade which coincides with satisfying the client’s expectations.