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Our firm has a market listing of various businesses operating in the different provinces and territories across Canada alongside the growth potentials of these various businesses.

01. Buy a New Business

A new business often provides a new ideology as well as an opportunity for the business owner to venture into an enterprise relatively different from their scope of operations or satisfy the appetite for entrepreneurship. Regardless of the motive, our firm offers the most researched on-boarding guidelines to make the acquisition of a new business seamless for the parties involved. In addition, we ensure that there is a marketplace for the business with the attendant marketing communications services equally provided to assist the new business owner take off without the setbacks associated with starting a new business.

02. Buy an Existing Business

Most entrepreneurs imagine a huge risk lies in the purchase of an existing enterprise but not for us at Atlas Business Consulting where we are very interested in turning around every form of business system and see opportunities in every idea. This is most profound in our dexterity in arranging takeovers for venture capital owners interested in managing an existing business, expanding their investment portfolios or diversifying from an old enterprise. We can undertake the assessment of the existing business by determining its insolvency, establishing its position in the market as well as proffering its best sale value with the offer to new buyers.

03. Mergers & Acquisitions

We see the subject of mergers & acquisitions as a very veritable opportunity for existing brands to harness their respective strengths and emerge into a global brand in a very fierce but malleable marketplace. This position we hold due to our well-researched vault containing the successful curves and the various intricacies leading to companies borne from such successful mergers and acquisitions as well as the setback that has affected others across various economies. Our firm has an already designed M & A team that would sieve through the inadequacies of both parties including unwanted redundancies and services; test and determine the position of both parties in the market; design a new category for the new brand or re-position it amongst its competitors with marketing campaigns that meet the perception of both the parties and the consumer.

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