Business Planning

Market Research

A successful business plan is always founded upon thorough research.

Hanover Research 2018 Report

68% of companies that increased revenue over the last 12 months used market research to do so.

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While the assemblage of the Business proposal is seen as one of the most pivotal aspects of making a business decision, it is simply insufficient without the underpinning of thorough market research.

Our expertise covers all the various areas needed to arrive at a well-positioned business plan by engaging various market segments or secondary research groups, undertaking focus interviews, detailed market and focused surveys, pricing research and satisfaction as well as loyalty analysis.



Our customized template generates a detailed report that covers all these above areas as well as provide the client’s product brand awareness and reach within the targeted environment.

At Atlas Business Consulting, we understand that market research is an evolving and dynamic environment and this underpins the culture of our Research executives as well as Business Data Analysts that make up our research team.