Business Planning

Our Firm understands that planning a business can be an onerous task as well as the time value of money hence with our deft team; we can undertake the task of writing your business plan, carrying out a detailed market research, coordinating your business development and developing as well as monitoring your company’s road map strategy.

The information from the foregoing would provide sufficient data that would be subjected to our business analytical tools developed by our in-house technical support staff and available for the client.

It is pertinent to mention that regardless of the industry the client is interested in entering, we have the necessary indices that would aid in making a firm decision around the following factors:

  • Nature of Company’s Capital Structure
  • Current Industry’s Capitalization and Customer Base (also included would be economic contribution of the industry to the overall GDP of the Canadian macro economy)
  • Market/Industry’s potential risks
  • Business Innovation and improvement
  • Corporate Composition and Philosophy
  • Industry’s opportunities and threats within the Canadian economy and on a Global scale
  • Customizing marketing strategy

We are geared to make the entire process as simple as possible and provide a visual representation of the business path as well as cost profile with attendant revenue within the generally agreed period of the client. This will save sufficient time and money as well as provide ample opportunity for the customer to gauge accurately the exact duration of the business’ return on investment.

Our Firm’s business planning team is composed of individuals with vast knowledge in the financial services, international business, marketing communications, capital markets, venture capital investments, business analytics and risk management.