About Atlas Business Consulting

The business landscape is constantly evolving as global economy’s shift and transition at a remarkable pace. This requires a detailed strategy that can aid all businesses to withstand the vulnerabilities that is usually expected within commercial businesses that exist internally, within the country’s economy or externally. Such strategies should be able to address the various business stages such as start-ups, turnarounds, aggressive growth, re-alignments or sustaining the business success determined by key economic performance indicators.

Atlas Business Consulting philosophy is founded on years of business research and methodology with a set objective of getting businesses the necessary tools to navigate whatever business space poised or currently occupied.

Our driving motivation stems from understanding the wide range of Canadian economic resources and the market opportunities that Canadian businesses can embrace for however long with an active partnership. Also engrained in our objective is the ability to define and refine businesses products or services and create a unique bouquet that is tailored to each client organizationally making them stand out from competing parties.

Atlas Business Consulting prides itself for a stallion team consisting of members with solid experience in financial services, law, education, construction, accounting and auditing, information technology, human resources management, entrepreneurial development, media & marketing as well as communications services industries. These are to boost the owner-manager’s performance of the businesses being advised by a well rounded team with an in-grained passion and desire for creativity in the execution of clients’ needs.

Our Business Philosophy

Vision Statement:

To be the foremost business consulting leader across Canada with innovation driven by up-to-date technology and research.

Mission Statement:

Atlas Business Consulting is committed to advancing the performance indicators of each of our stakeholders from as short as 90 days to as far as the owner’s expectations without compromise to regulatory standards and conditions. This will be demonstrated by an on-hand partnership with the client and supported by research and development as well as real-time business data necessary for making the best business decisions at every point as well as every stage and at a price that fits the owner’s business.

Corporate Objectives:

We have a business philosophy that is set to:

  • Providing business architecture for upcoming enterprises that will see them turn profitable within 16 months or less from opening
  • Partnering with small and new businesses aimed at expansion across Canada and into Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Developing risk mitigates that would protect the patency of clients’ products and services as well as ensure rewards and/or expectation meet the desired annual performance target
  • Promoting a business culture that is not only dynamic and unalienated from the global marketplace, but also grounded on well researched and developed market instruments to withstand the most unstable economic transitions
  • Encouraging chain planning and alliances that would excel sequentially without compromise to the client’s business philosophy

Our Business Focus

Atlas Business Consulting provides an array of services that covers the end-to-end necessities of each client. This is born out of the adaptability of the Canadian economy to provide a range of opportunities for consumers by opening doors to the wider global market. These services include:

  • Business Planning
  • Digital Transformation Services
  • Professional Services
  • Businesses for Sale (Capitulation Arrangement)